Travel Rule #24: Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea (Anchorage, Alaska)

One bonus of traveling during the off-season is that you have your pick of any restaurant in Anchorage (if it doesn’t close for the season that is..).

While vetting our itinerary through TripAdvisor, one name came up over and over again: Snow City Cafe.


We made reservations, which I was told was a must-do, and we were able to sit right down on a Saturday morning. The place is easy enough to find (parking a little trickier), and the inside was cozy and cute. They were fully decorated for Halloween and I could tell that most people here were local.


We ended up splitting some reindeer sausage (when in AK!), the deadliest catch (a salmon cake egg benedict and an Alaskan king crab cake egg benedict) and the stuffed french toast. I also got a Snickers Mocha and this was definitely the best thing I had! Really creamy and sweet! Yum!

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The egg benedicts were honestly just okay. The english muffins they were on were overcooked and tough and the hollandaise sauce was good, but not very flavorful. You can’t hate on crab cakes though, so these were inhaled pretty quickly. The stuffed french toast also fell a little flat. I felt like the stuffing tasted a little sour rather than sweet, but the toast itself was really good!
Ultimately we had an overall good breakfast, just not over the top great. I’m glad we stopped here and we left way more than full, but the slow service and food didn’t match the expectations that I had coming in. I honestly don’t know if I would recommend it, but considering how much love it got online, I think I would have to give it another shot next time and try something new!

After we arrived back in Anchorage from our road-trip to Seward and Whittier, we were absolutely starving. Another highly rated restaurant in the area is part of the Moose Tooth chain: Bear Tooth Theatrepub. We got a few drinks here, split some chips and dips, but weren’t too impressed by the menu. We ended up, hitting the town a little bit and then ending up at Moose’s Tooth for pizza.


This place was slammed even around 9pm. We waited for a seat by the bar and then split their Oktoberfest pizza. Mustard, mozzarella, bratwurst, potatoes, and cabbage: this pizza wasn’t all that Alaskan, but it was SO good.


But the best part of the night, and possibly the whole trip, was our stop at The Bubbly Mermaid. This place was just so unexpectedly awesome.

I really loved Alaska, I loved the rustic, cozy, and low-key feel to everywhere we went. The Bubbly Mermaid just kind of flies in the face of everything else that we had experienced so far in Anchorage. The tiny boat-shaped bar, the unique concept of simply serving oysters and champers, and the hidden bathroom and back-bar? I was smitten.

The cheapest champagne was $12/glass, which for a night out on the town can be pricey, but for a couple glasses, it works. There were two different types of oysters available and then a menu for cooked oysters that rivals anything I’ve been before. All oysters, cooked or raw, $3. Paul ordered 3 and I ordered 3 and there wasn’t a bad bite to be had. My favorite was the snow crab oyster.

As for the service, we had absolutely no issues. We also arrived pretty early (5pm) on a Saturday and were 2 of 4 in the restaurant. My only beef would be that they do not accept credit card. Yikes! It is pretty easy to rack up a hefty tab in the matter of minutes, so I hope this is something they consider changing (or at least posting a sign).

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bubbly Mermaid to anyone visiting. A fun, unique stop in Anchorage!

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