In Defense of a Florida Honeymoon

There are two questions that come up over and over (and over) again when you are engaged and planning a wedding: “are ready to elope instead?!” and “where are you going on your honeymoon?“.

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As if wedding planning isn’t already enough of everything (money, time, sanity), you are also expected to be simultaneously planning the trip of a lifetime. Private all-inclusive beaches, renting scooters to explore the cobbled streets of Rome, cruising the Greek Islands…. As seasoned travelers, people would ask this question and poise themselves ready to just hate us in jealously. It got to the point that I dreaded the question.. “Where are you going?”


Oh. The sparkle would drain from their eyes. “Well, that will be … nice”.

Nice. Well, guess what. It was SO nice.

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Leading up to the wedding, I had so many doubts (not about you, Paul, I promise!), but WHY are we spending all this money? All this work, for just one day? The days before we scrambled around dropping off flowers, stuffing welcome bags, making last minute transportation arrangements, etc etc etc. But once Saturday hit, it was perfect. Every ounce of energy was worth it. Every dollar spent, every “crisis”.. it was all so worth it.

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And once it was all over, we slept like rocks.

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We left for our honeymoon the next day around 1pm. That morning was chaotic between dropping off presents, saying goodbye, collecting tuxes.. by the time we got to the airport, we collapsed in our seats. And guess what? Florida. Was. Perfect.


We had no connecting flights, no passports to figure out, no currency to exchange, no language barriers, we simply got on the plane and relaxed. And ACTUALLY relaxed.

The next week flew by, but we savored it. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale for a few days, drove down the stunning U.S. 1 (the overseas highway), explored the best kept secret in the US, partied in Key West, then drove back up to Miami seeing turtles, the everglades, and whatever else we felt like along the way.



There is nothing more exciting that seeing a new part of the world. Experiencing a new culture, new foods, and being outside of your comfort zone… but my only piece of advice is to save the adventure (and splurge) for your anniversary.

The second best part of Florida honeymoon? A location that is easy to travel to and affordable means you can easily visit it over and over again. Which is exactly where we are off to today to celebrate 2 years 🙂


I like to imagine we have a lot of Florida trips in our future. When we are old and gray and unable to hike Makapu’u lighthouse or run marathons, we will still be able to grab a seat at Sloppy Joe’s and reminisce about our younger days 🙂

So, please, forgot the stigma that your honeymoon has to the most extravagant trip of your life. Use your honeymoon to relax and spend time with your new best friend. I promise there won’t be ANY regrets!


Check back soon for a full #latergram recap of our honeymoon and the Dry Tortugas National Park.

All wedding photos were taken by the AMAZING C. Tyson Photography. We can’t recommend him enough for wedding photography within the Chicagoland area!


  1. Your wedding picture with the sun setting, just gorgeous!

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