Our greatest failure in life would be an unused vacation day.

About Us

Without Paul, every vacation of mine would be at Disney. I’m a sucker for paying money to stand on tall things and I never travel without a guidebook (despite realizing that things like the internet exist and are more up-to-date). I love trying new things and firmly believe that an 8 hour layover is a perfectly acceptable vacation.

My ideal vacation is on a beach with friends. Fruity drinks with umbrellas are mandatory. My biggest fears are sharks and snakes, which we have a knack for running into. I am fueled by coffee and beer, requiring both in copious quantities.  I make sure we have the points and miles so that cost is never the reason we can’t go.


A free weekend is an invitation to go somewhere new, near or far.

We’re on year 5 of “7 continents in 7 years” with our friend Brian. Australia (this year!), Africa, and Antarctica remain.

We travel. We run marathons. We ride bicycles. We almost always have one drink more than we should.



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