15 Reasons To Go To Australia Today (in Pictures!!)


1. Because BABY KANGAROOS actually exist and will melt your heart (Lone Pine Sanctuary, Brisbane)

Australia 10

2. Because even though 42 Wallaby Way doesn’t exist, one look at this makes that okay (Park Hyatt Sydney)

Australia 17

3. Because you’re an adult and it’s time to get over your fear of clowns (just kidding and sorry in advance for all the nightmares) (Luna Park, Sydney)

Australia 8

4. Because the sky and water really are THIS blue (Great Ocean Road, Melbourne)

Australia 4

5. Because you need some #housegoals in your life (Brighton Beach, Melbourne)

Australia 11

6. Because this photo is real life (Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell/Great Ocean Road)

Australia 16


7. Because you can’t resist a long walk on the beach (Phillip Island, Victoria)

Australia 14

8. Because #nofilter is your new favorite hashtag (Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road/Melbourne)

Australia 15

9. Because this wasn’t even taken in a zoo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria)

Australia 13

10. Because if mermaids do exist, they sure as hell live right here (The Grotto, Great Ocean Road)

Australia 12

11. Because the real London Bridge is down under (London Bridge, Great Ocean Road)

Australia 9

12. Because sunsets are always better on a boat (Sydney Harbour, Sydney)

Australia 7

13. Because on Wednesdays, Australia wears pink (Park Hyatt Sydney)

Australia 5

14. Because sometimes you just need to work on your tan (Manly Beach, Sydney)

Australia 3

15. Because you never realized the inside of the Opera House is even more beautiful than the outside (Sydney Opera House, Sydney)

Australia 2

So. Are you in?

For Even More Reasons, come back soon to check out our trip to Australia recaps!

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